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Boating in New York Jul 9, 2015
Summer is here and one of our favorite pastimes is boating. Before you head out on the lake, here is something to consider.

You are not required by law to carry insurance on your registered watercraft in New York State, however, it is strongly suggested that you do, of course. In 2014 alone, the US Coast Guard calculated a total of $39 million worth of property damage occurred in recreational watercraft accidents during the year. Reportable accidents that were included in this figure are accidents involving grounding, sinking, swamping, fire, collision, and various types of injuries. Watercraft insurance policies can cover the cost of repairs to your boat due to these incidents as well as replacement of personal articles and fishing gear depending on the policy and carrier. Something that we rarely think of but that can be common with personal watercraft usage are fuel spills due to mishaps from pumping while docked or due to damage. Some insurance carriers offer coverage for fuel spill cleanup which, as you can imagine, can be costly.

If you own a sailboat, fishing boat, cabin cruiser, or yacht you should consider adding a watercraft insurance policy to your portfolio of protection. Call our office today at (518) 523-4321 to discuss your options with one of our agents.

Wedding Season is Here! Jun 2, 2015
Did you know that the average cost of a wedding in the US is $25,200?
Let’s put that figure into perspective – most new vehicles in this day and age cost that much, if not more. You wouldn’t purchase a new vehicle for over $25,000 without purchasing insurance coverage for that vehicle (even if it wasn’t legally required), would you? So why spend $25,000 on your magical day without protecting yourself from potential losses? Our office offers wedding day insurance policies to cover everything from just the basics to the finer details. There are generally two types of policies offered: Cancellation/postponement and General Liability Policies.

Cancellation/Postponement Coverage
Despite all of the effort that goes into planning your perfect day, some things are simply unavoidable. Although Cancellation/Postponement Coverage does not cover "cold feet" or getting left at the altar, it does cover surprises such as:
· Damages to wedding attire, photographs, rings, gifts
· Nonrefundable deposits should the event be postponed
· Forced cancellation or postponement due to a covered reason

General Liability Coverage
Most often, the venue you choose may require a general liability policy to protect them from property damage, bodily injury, or other liability issues the day of your wedding. These policies may also cover the rehearsal dinner and reception venues if necessary. Another common request with such policies is liquor liability coverage to protect against alcohol-related accidents.

These policies may be purchased together or on their own depending on what you are looking for or what is required by your vendor. Given the average cost of a wedding these days, you may be surprised to learn that a general liability policy for wedding day coverage can be purchased for as low as $175 – a small price to pay for peace of mind on your magical day! Call our office to discuss your needs today (518) 523-4321.
Spring Motorcycle Safety May 15, 2015
Spring is here! And, spring brings out all of the warm weather toys - Including motorcycles. Here is some helpful information provided by Safeco Insurancr if you are thinking of buying a motorcycle this year.

Spring Motorcycle

Is a motorcycle right for you?

As springtime approaches, you probably notice something in addition to the warmer weather and blooming flowers: more motorcycles on the roads of Lake Placid & the Adirondacks.

Riding looks like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Just imagine heading down Route 9 with the sun shining and the road stretching out to the horizon. There are other benefits motorcycle riders enjoy as well, such as lower fuel costs and easier parking; but riding a motorcycle safely requires different skills than driving a car.

If you're thinking that this is the year you're going to buy your very own bike, let us at Blue Line Insurance Agency help you determine if a motorcycle is right for you. We've provided some questions below that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends you honestly answer before becoming a bike owner.

Are you a risk-taker? Or are you safety-minded?
Think about how you drive your car. If you have aggressive tendencies or do things like talk on your phone while driving, a motorcycle probably isn't for you. Motorcycles lack the protection that cars can provide in an accident, so driver focus and caution are extrememly important.

How is your vision? What about your balance and coordination?
It's extrememly important that you see well - peripherally and in general - when riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles are not as visible as other vehicles on the road, so riders need to be alert and aware at all times. And, of course, riding requires balance and coordination, much like a bicycles. If you're not great on non-motorized two-wheelers, you might want to think again about motorcycling.

Do you respect dangerous machinery?
When you use a chainsaw or other equipment that can cause harm, do you always follow the instructions and wear the proper safety gear? If not, a motorcycle probably isn't right for you. Maintenance and protective equipment is vital to riding safely. What you might be able to get away with when driving a car or using power tools could lead to a tragic outcome on a motorcycle.

Are you willing to invest in riding safely?
The best way to stay safe on a motorcycle is to invest some time before you get on the bike. Take a safety course and learn how to ride the right way. Purchase the right gear, including approved helmets and padded clothing. And learn about properly maintaining your motorcycle.

If you're prepared and commit to safe riding, motorcycling can be a great way to get around. The freedom you'll feel on the road is different than driving any car, which just one reason millions of people find riding to be incredibly rewarding.

And when you're ready, we are too! Fell free to give us a call at Blue Line Insurance Agency to discuss your motorcycle insurance options as well as safety tips!

Motorcycle safety resources
There's a lot of great informaiton out there about safe riding. We've just scratched the surface. To read more, check out:
Motorcycle Safety Foundation http://www.msf-usa.org
SMARTER http://www.smarter-usa.org
Safeco Insurance motorcycle page http://www.safeco.com/motorcycle-insurance/do-more
Do you text & drive? Aug 25, 2014
Did you know that text messaging is considered the most alarming distraction on the road? It requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention from the driver. Not only is the drivers life in danger, but so aren't the passengers, as well as everyone one and thing around them. The best way to end this epidemic that is causing tragedies on our roadways, is to stir awareness and educate!! Please visit www.distraction.gov for more information and tips to share with your friends and family! Keep our road safe!
We insure the entire state of New York! Apr 30, 2014
Did you know that Blue Line Insurance Agency can write auto insurance anywhere in New York State? We are located in the heart of the Adirondacks in Lake Placid, NY, but because we have the ability to connect with you through the internet, or on your smart phones, it makes doing business with us pretty seamless and easy! We recently made a mobile app available to our customers so whether you are from Plattsburgh, Albany, Buffalo, or the Bronx, you can access us with ease!

Give us a chance to provide you with an auto insurance. homeowners insurance, or business insurance today!

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