Summer is here and one of our favorite pastimes is boating. Before you head out on the lake, here is something to consider.

You are not required by law to carry insurance on your registered watercraft in New York State, however, it is strongly suggested that you do, of course. In 2014 alone, the US Coast Guard calculated a total of $39 million worth of property damage occurred in recreational watercraft accidents during the year. Reportable accidents that were included in this figure are accidents involving grounding, sinking, swamping, fire, collision, and various types of injuries. Watercraft insurance policies can cover the cost of repairs to your boat due to these incidents as well as replacement of personal articles and fishing gear depending on the policy and carrier. Something that we rarely think of but that can be common with personal watercraft usage are fuel spills due to mishaps from pumping while docked or due to damage. Some insurance carriers offer coverage for fuel spill cleanup which, as you can imagine, can be costly.

If you own a sailboat, fishing boat, cabin cruiser, or yacht you should consider adding a watercraft insurance policy to your portfolio of protection. Call our office today at (518) 523-4321 to discuss your options with one of our agents.