So, you’ve purchased your first camper and you’re excited to start checking trips, campgrounds and parks off your bucket list. Before you begin exploring all there is to see, you should be prepared with Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance.

“Recreational Vehicle Insurance is coverage for any motorized and non-motorized vehicles used for off-road, camping, boating or pleasure use,” says Blue Line Insurance Agency Personal Lines Licensed Agent, Buffy Little.  “It not only covers the vehicle, but it also covers you in case of a claim.”

Similar to an auto policy, the RV’s liability coverage protects the insured in case of a lawsuit, medical payments and property damage. The comprehensive coverage is there in case of fire, theft, flood, vandalism, etc.

Individuals may believe that their pop-up or fifth-wheel is not required to carry insurance and that their auto policy will cover them in case of an accident. Buffy says that’s not true. Even though they’re being towed, they still need to carry comprehensive and collision for any damage and they also need to be listed on the insured’s auto policy.

She also notes that insurance coverage is needed for any recreational vehicle that carries a bank loan. “Banks and loaning institutions require both liability and collision coverage in case of a loss. Plus, many riding clubs that have riding trails for snowmobiles and ATV’s will mandate that an individual carry liability coverage.”

Since many recreational vehicles are used seasonally, you may consider dropping your RV Insurance coverage, during its off-season, in order to save a little bit of money. However, by continuing to carry comprehensive coverage even when it’s stored away in the garage or side-yard, you’re still protecting it in case of fire, wind, theft, flood, vandalism or other damage.

“You may think that you’re saving a little bit of money, but why take the risk?” Buffy asks. “You never know when a catastrophic event may occur that could result in considerable damage, or even worse a complete loss. No one ever wants to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacement when an insurance policy would have covered the sum of the damage.”

Blue Line Insurance Agency makes it easy to purchase RV Insurance. We have connections with several of the top rated insurance companies which allows us to find competitive rates and the right coverage for your toys.

Most companies will also give you credit if you add more than one vehicle to the same policy. Some companies will also give credits for more than one policy in force, such as a motorcycle policy, camper policy, ATV or snowmobile policy with the same company.

Whether you're a current client and acquired a new toy or you are shopping around for help through a new agency, let us wow you with our insight on protecting your off road activities.

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