If you were in an auto accident would you know what to do? It’s a pretty good bet that we’ll be in at least one.  According to E-Surance, 77% of all drivers have been involved in at least one.

Below, is some helpful advice should you find yourself in an auto accident.

#1. If your accident is minor, move your vehicle out of traffic and to a safe place.

#2. Check for injuries and call 9-1-1.

#3. If there’s any question as to who is at fault, call the police. Even if the other party states that they are late for an appointment, or even agree that you are not at fault.

#4. Always exchange information with the other involved party. Police reports may not contain all the information necessary to reach the other party.

#5. Don’t forget to call your insurance agent. Make that call after you have called the police. If the accident occurs after business hours, or on the weekend, and no one is hurt, it’s okay to call your agent the next business day.

#6. Get an estimate for the repairs from a shop of your choice. Your insurance agent will take it from there.

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