Water damage can be devastating, but quick action will help minimize its damage to your home.

Water damage can be caused by several different things to include inclement weather, burst pipes, build-up to areas prone to collecting water and malfunctioning household appliances to name a few.

 When you are aware of the potential causes, you can take precautionary measures to help insure against a leak or flood. You will also be able to spot a problem sooner and prevent any additional damage.

It’s a good idea to regularly check your home where water damage often occurs. Here are a few places you should survey on a regular basis:

  • In the wall beneath a window
  • Under siding
  • Under a dishwasher
  • Next to the tub, shower and toilet
  • Around a chimney
  • Below an air conditioner

You should always go through your home after any major storm to check for any potential flooding or water damage. Never ignore what may seem to be a small drip. What may seem harmless may be a signal for something larger later on.

Here are a few simple things that you can do to prevent flooding:

  • Seal any cracks in your foundation
  • Have your lawn graded away from your home
  • Make sure your gutters and drains are free from debris
  • Insulate your pipes from the cold and freezing during the winter

Under most standard home insurance policies, if water damage occurs suddenly or accidentally from a source inside your home, such as a busted pipe, it will likely be covered through your homeowner’s insurance policy. However, water damage caused from something weather related is not, unless you purchase flood insurance as a separate policy.  

Make sure you fully understand your homeowner’s insurance policy and what type of damage is covered. For a FREE, no-obligation review of your coverage, visit https://bluelineagency.com/personal-insurance/flood-insurance or call 518-523-4321.